Yunar Rebrand & Redesign
This complete redesign project was facilitated through a cross-functional design team, working with data-driven design sprints for brand development, product alignment and other optimization processes to create a delightful brand & user experience across all platforms.

In turn, these processes have shifted the product from a nearly unknown service to being rated No.1 within the competitor environment, while expanding to 5 new European countries, successfully converting 2 Million users to the B2C product, and creating numerous business partnerships for the B2B service.

The Opportunity

Product awareness was extremely low while the company was aiming to expand and take over the market, though Research showed that the users disliked the app and general design.

The goal was to make yunar stand out amongst its competitor environment, in design, usability and general look & feel.

The Challenge

The app was built by engineers while the brand was made by a marketing agency, redesigning meant changing the way things work in the company (and approving it with Deutsche Bank).

The User Research led to understanding the user adoption patterns. We recognized that the product can solve many of the user’s pain-points. Diving into user feedback we recognized that the reasons for not using yunar are indeed its appearance & limited functionality.

The Solutions

1. An overarching design system that is unique, brand-related and easily implemented as a UI language.

2. Redesign of the app that matches the new design language and answers the user’s needs.

3. A new website that is based on the design language, promoting the new features and benefits while supporting the potential users & partners in finding the right information easily.
Solution 1 - Brand Redesign 
Solution 2 App Redesign
Solution 3 Website - User Flow
Solution 3 Website - Mid Fidelity Wireframe
Solution 3 Website - End Result

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