Wir Snappen Bunt
Supported by Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg and produced by Vice Magazine, “Wir Snappen Bunt” is a project giving the stage to various pro-pluralism voices, empowering a platform for debate and an online movement of colourful reactions against the extreme right-wing in Germany and their propaganda.

The project was aired as an evolving online story through Vice’s Snapchat platform and promoted on other social media channels.

About The Project

This multifaceted project required the creation of an audience captivating visual language guidelines that would translate into every instance, component and expression of the story. The work included creating detailed motion design templates together with an inspiring crew of interns and professionals, which allowed the project to grow and make waves in the local media and German politics.

The Design Process

Focusing on a wide variety of topics and aimed at a diverse target audience, the language had to be both innovative and recognizable.

Inspired by Vice’s brand tonality and visuals, I used a variety of elements to create a coherent visual language that would create a feeling of consistency between editions and stories.

The visual components were to simulate a UI interface that would feel familiar to the users, while the patterns & colours were to create a low-fi / retro uniqueness to the experience.
The Final Product Design
The Original Moodboards

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