Finally got my hands on a screenshot from the project we created for DOKLeipzig's DOCHackathon, which I had the pleasure of taking part of in 2015. In this Hackathon group of filmmakers and techies from different fields and countries gather to create interesting documentary based interactive projects. 

Our team at DOCKachathon created a multiplayer project called "WallUP" in which we provide (on an online platform) different virtual walls representing real around the world, where users can log in as a "fly on the wall" and peak over to the other side, to pictures and stories uploaded by users from that place. for the BETA we used the West-bank / Israel-Palestine wall and collected a few interesting photos and interviews. 

The idea was to design an operational online platform that would use technology to bridge over the physical distance between people and cultures, created by real walls, designed to keep us separated.
Screenshot from the project
Behind the scenes

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