One project that I've been fascinated and very busy with in the last years is the creation of a new language/script. The project started as an experiment to connect two different scripts into one (Such as Hebrew and Arabic), which quickly turned into a fascination and a project that would take a year to formally reconstruct dozens of ancient languages into new symbols.

These new symbols were exhibited with a series of Tape-art installations during the Berlin Art Week of 2017, and given meaning to during a collective ritual that took place at the Vernissage.

And so, a year after the "Maavarit" (Pasažer) script was born, the project took another form when I was asked to put together a visual language for an interactive art festival in the Netherlands. I collaborated with another designer (Non other than the amazing Marius Jopen, which at that was was working on a language of his own) and we created an easy-to-learn practical symbolic-language that one can fully express with, providing a bridge between the many visitors from different countries that came to attend the event.

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