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Fishy business lets the user create good shopping habits that 
are environmentally friendly, by converting their shopping list into a gamified tour between eco-friendly local businesses which in turn creates a community of users which reduces long distance shipments, supports local businesses and reduces overall waste, and by doing that - “save more fishies”.

The problem

Aside from the environmental damage that long-distance shipping creates, the mere weekly shopping experience for the environmentally aware person can be an extremely pain-staking experience. The challenge was to design an app that offers an easily scaleable solution to this problem that prioritizes the user’s needs and offers value to the local businesses.

The solution

Automatically updating itself through the user’s shopping list and learning their shopping habits, the app combines the list feature with a gamified navigation system to find the easiest route for the user.

With every step on the journey the user “saves fishies” that translate to bonus points at local businesses. To make it a branded experience, a visual language that includes custom-made Illustrations was created for the app.
Quick Concept Sketches
High Fidelity Wireframe
Bonus Fishy Items

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