With 10 years of experience as a creative director, hands-on designer and team lead, I support startups and companies by discovering and developing creative solutions which increase their performance while optimizing the organizational and personal potential and impact.
What drives me mainly is creativity, purpose and collaboration. I enjoy watching ideas, products, brands (and people) grow and prosper, and I draw inspiration from the great multitude and wide variety of projects that I've initiated, led, facilitated and participated in.
These experiences helped me develop my "Super Power" to simultaneously see (and take action in accordance with) both a project's various puzzle pieces and the sum of its parts. 
I generally thrive in value-driven, fast-paced, diverse and kind environments.
In my work as a leader, I focus on guiding the development of a proactive mindset, creating an atmosphere where people feel empowered to innovate, engage, empathize and feel inspired to take ownership over what they do and love.
Borderless is a nomadic Creative Studio that specializes in purposeful and impactful design, founded by Boaz Balachsan. Since 2012, Borderless is creating visuals, brands and products while providing a framework for facilitating workshops and mentoring for clients worldwide.
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