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GetClaps Mobile Event Organization App
GetClaps is a mobile application that allows event organizers to manage multiple teams and tasks across multiple events. The main goal was to create a solution for event organizers who manage multiple events simultaneously. The solution shown here is designed to be intuitive, effective and easily integrated in the daily work life.
Interaction Design, UI/UX, Branding
Yunar Rebrand & Redesign
This complete redesign project was facilitated through a cross-functional design team, working with data-driven design sprints for brand development, product alignment and other optimization processes to create a delightful brand & user experience across all platforms. In turn, these processes have shifted the product from a nearly unknown service to being rated No.1 within the competitor environment, while expanding to 5 new European countries, successfully converting 2 Million users to the B2C product, and creating numerous business partnerships for the B2B service.
Web Design, UI/UX, Product Design
App Design Sprint
An example for a design sprint that I've facilitated, improving on an app design based on the necessity to upgrade the current design and generate new USPs, emotional and physical touchpoints with users.  Eventually, In a 3 day sprint the cross-functional team created a basic MVP that could be put directly into design and development, generating a community of millions of new users to its services.
Product Design, UI/UX, Creative Direction
Customer Service Portal
A customer service portal that I have designed and developed for Clearlight International GmbH. The innovative portal created an index that served to support many customers and minimized the user pain points while allowing the team to develop new strategies.
Product Design, UI/UX, Web Design
App development Workshop
An example of the process of an app development workshop I've facilitated with a product team, finding the best user-flow and problems that the platform should be suggesting a solution to.
Product Design, UI/UX, Sketching
Futureplay Generator
A year after the "Maavarit" script was born, the project took another form when I was asked to put together a visual language for an interactive art festival in the Netherlands. I collaborated with another designer and we created an easy-to-learn practical symbolic-language that one can fully express with, providing a bridge between the many visitors from different countries that came to attend the event.
Interaction Design, Exhibition Design, Product Design
Aurora branded e-commerce Website
Aurora is a sub-brand of Clearlight Saunas GmbH fully created from scratch, making infrared therapy accessible and affordable to everyone. The brand was developed to communicate the health benefits of this technology to potential and existing users in a simple and modern manner. The Website was designed from user-flow to a pixel-perfect fully functional e-commerce platform by rapid prototyping through Figma and implementation using Webflow and shopify integration.  The main challenge was creating an easy platform which will be simultaneously quite unique while working with people from all over the globe. I addressed this challenge by creating design funnels and processes that would allow seamless collaborative work, and introducing the Aurora-on (darkmode) function. 
Branding, Product Design, Web Design
Yunar : An evolution of a brand
Yunar is an innovative loyalty app, that we created an entire rebranding project for, in order to transform the brand, at that point detached from the product and community, to a brand that is relevant and can be identified with. We then later used this brand to create an entire content strategy, expand into the international market and create an extensive pool of dedicated users.
Branding, Product Design, Creative Direction
Di.No App
Di.No is an app for digital nomads to be able to Network, form communities, find co-working spaces around them, share their passions and experience about digital nomadry and keep in touch as they move around the globe.  It was designed to give a solution to the challange of travelling as a digital nomad by connecting free-roaming professionals to what they love doing while being connected to others who share that lifestyle and in so, keeping the digital nomad spirit alive. The project monetizes through a small booking fee as the user books a recommended co-working space on-the-go.
Interaction Design, Product Design, UI/UX
Salamtalk App
Salamtalk is an app which is reinventing the news industry by allowing you to meet the people who live the news and rate their trustworthiness. No corporations. No agencies. No filters. Only real people. At Salamtalk, people can discuss, meet & chat, form interest-based groups, share news and get real-time news without third-party involvement. It accomplishes its mission by providing the user with real-time news by a community of field journalists, and a democratic evaluation user-to-user system that provides real feedback on the content being provided.
UI/UX, Interaction Design, Product Design
Organik App
Organik is a B2B2C Platform that supports regenerative agriculture by connecting users with local organic farms, where the user can order fresh ingredients, form organic cooperatives, and volunteer at farms in the area. The platform advocates for localization of food production and consumption, alongside a community aspect and an easy to use e-commerce organic shop.
Product Design, Graphic Design, UI/UX
Data Driven Creatives @ Google Berlin
This Graphic recording was created during the Data Driven Creatives Conference at Google Berlin. #graphicrecording #google #illustration #datadrivencreatives
Illustration, Graphic Design, Drawing
WSB Vice Online Documentary
Supported by Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg and produced by Vice Magazine, “Wir Snappen Bunt” is a project giving the stage to various pro-pluralism voices, empowering a platform for debate and an online movement of colourful reactions against the extreme right-wing in Germany and their propaganda. The project was aired as an evolving online story through Vice’s Snapchat platform and promoted on other social media channels.
Art Direction, Motion Graphics, Product Design
Fishy Business Adobe XD UXUI App Design Winner
WINNER   |  PEOPLE'S CHOICE FIRST PLACE  Fishy business lets the user create good shopping habits that  are environmentally friendly, by converting their shopping list into a gamified tour between eco-friendly local businesses which in turn creates a community of users which reduces long distance shipments, supports local businesses and reduces overall waste, and by doing that - “save more fishies”.
UI/UX, Product Design, Illustration
Navitect is a platform that helps project managers to navigate through the wide DevOps tooling landscape depending on the project phase they are currently at (plan, build, continuous integration, deploy, operate, and feedback) and to choose the most appropriate solution to meet their project requirements. The main idea is to map out all the tools across the various project phases so that non-technical users can create a blueprint of an entire project structure in terms of architecture and all related necessary tools, understand how they relate to each other and which tool combination is the best to deliver the defined outcome.
UI/UX, Product Design, Web Design
UI UX Web Illustration
Illustration for payment service, done as a part of a visual language developed for a fintech product.
Illustration, UI/UX, Product Design
Ironhack UX Challenge
The Ironhack UX challenge illustrated @ The Place Berlin.
Illustration, UI/UX, Digital Art
Schengen Museum
A series of designs and illustrations that were developed for an installation by Logiclocks, created for the European museum in Schengen, Luxembourg. The installation promotes historical education about the European Union.
Illustration, Exhibition Design, Art Direction
Tongo enables users to control digital devices with their tongue - without relying on their hands, instead the users interact with a tongue-computer interface that has never been commercially available before: it’s an entirely new, innovative market & space within the tech world. Tongo's technology can disrupt across industries: Gaming, sports, security, assistive devices, AR & more. For more information about Tongo :
Illustration, Product Design, Art Direction
God Is Kidding
The Film illustrates an eternal philosophical question rooted in our sub-conscious and talks about god and faith through the imagination of children. As The film bases itself on interviews with children from the different sectors of Israeli society, we get a wide array of world views represented through the different images of god. Animation makes the subject more approachable for all ages and helps us find the added value of the film through the magical world of children's imagination.
Animation, Art Direction, Character Design
Smart Tech
An illustrative language developed to promote the usage of various interconnected interfaces within an app environment. 
Illustration, UI/UX, Creative Direction
Community & Teamwork
Web illustration on the theme of Community building & teamwork. Illustration created for a UI UX project. demonsrated how a startup can visualize its ideas and products with beautifully illustrated artwork.
UI/UX, Illustration, Web Design
The Miracle
An illustration for a web project. Let's remember for a second together, what a miracle it really is that life exists. Now let's keep it safe.
Illustration, UI/UX, Web Design
Modernism Book Cover
Modernism Between Benjamin And Goethe / Matthew Charles Book Cover Design and Illustration, Bloomsbury Publishing 2019
Graphic Design, Illustration
WallUp Social Startup
Our team at DOCKachathon created a multiplayer project called "WallUP" in which we provide (on an online platform) different virtual walls representing real around the world, where users can log in as a "fly on the wall" and peak over to the other side, to pictures and stories uploaded by users from that place. for the BETA we used the West-bank / Israel-Palestine wall and collected a few interesting photos and interviews.  The idea was to design an operational online platform that would use technology to bridge over the physical distance between people and cultures, created by real walls, designed to keep us separated.
Product Design, Creative Direction, UI/UX
Digitalboaz Freehand Font
Created this Digitalboaz Freehand Font to support you with making your designs more beautiful.
Typography, Graphic Design, Calligraphy
Digital Illustration created for Soul Bottles - fair, carbon neutral, toxin- and plastic free. With a soulbottle you and all the people around you can avoid a ton of trash! You can make sure that in the future there is more ocean life, than just plastic bottles!
Art Direction, Illustration, Product Design
Leaving The Frame
Collage and Digital Illustration for book cover, Bloomsbury Publishing UK
Art Direction, Editorial Design, Illustration
Get up and do something
Digital Illustration Illustration for book cover, Bloomsbury Publishing UK, 2018
Art Direction, Character Design, Illustration
Vice Magazine
Digital Illustration Vice Magazine, 2017
Character Design, Art Direction, Illustration
Berlin Refugees
Digital Editorial Illustration on the theme of “Berlin Refugees” for the Jewish magazine of Berlin - Spitz Magazine
Editorial Design, Illustration
Eche's Laundromat
Digital Illustration Album art, created for “Eche’s Laundromat” by Efrat Lotenberg.
Art Direction, Illustration, Packaging
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